Metal Detectors For Kids

Kid Metal Detecting on Beach
When considering metal detectors for kids there are several things to bear in mind to make their experience not only an enjoyable and regarding one, but safe too.

It is very important to encourage children to learn. Instead of letting them play with their phones all day long, wouldn’t you rather them learn some interesting things? Better yet, wouldn’t you like for them to go out and find something valuable? There is a good way to do both: by giving your kids a metal detector.

You should understand that we are not talking about one of those toy metal detectors. Most of these cheap metal detectors for kids are completely useless and are not intended to actually locate anything. They function as entertainment devices that might be able to locate some coins in a leaf pile (if you’re lucky). Don’t waste your time with anything like that.

Of course, you should understand that you are trusting a child with a fairly expensive piece of equipment. If your child is not mature enough to be trusted to this degree, this idea might not be a good one for you.

If you are interested in this idea, it can probably be assumed that you have already instilled a certain level of discipline in your children. Without a little bit of foundational instruction, giving your child a metal detector may not end well. Still, this can be a great activity for children that can handle the responsibility.

Why Metal Detecting Is A Good Hobby For Kids

There are quite a few reasons why metal detecting can be a good hobby for kids. First of all, it gets the kids out of the house. The possibility of finding “buried treasure” is exactly the kind of thing that will motivate a child to get out in the woods and get some exercise.

Metal detecting usually involves a lot of walking if you expect to find anything. There is no doubt that walking is one of the healthiest activities known. It may not be a particularly strenuous form of exercise, but walking can do an awful lot to improve the health of a sedentary child. For an obese child, walking is sure to be difficult. Nevertheless, it is probably the easiest way to get them in shape.

Another good reason to give your child a metal detector is that it will encourage a natural fascination with technology and science. Kids are generally not interested in the drier and more exact aspects of science. The last thing that most of them want to do is stick their nose in a book. However, the practical side of science can be a lot of fun.

On top of all that, there is at least a small chance that your kids will find something good with their metal detector. It might be something rare and valuable that can be sold for a high price, or it may just be something interesting that starts a lot of conversations. Even if you find nothing of value whatsoever, the whole thing still makes for a great family outing. Either way, it’s great entertainment for all ages.

What Kinds Of Metal Detectors Are Suitable For Kids?

If you want to get metal detectors for kids, you must first determine which kind of metal detector to buy. Finding the best metal detectors for kids can be difficult because most of your easiest options are bad options. As we already mentioned, don’t go with a metal detector that looks like a toy, or which is marketed as a toy. These are generally just diversions that won’t actually work with any real effectiveness.

You also want to avoid the cheapest versions, as cheap metal detectors for kids tend to be inferior in many ways. We will talk more about that later. What you want is to find a simple and reliable model that is reasonably priced, and which seems to be as durable as possible.

Features to look for:

These are the qualities that you should look for in a good metal detector for kids:

  • Simple controls
  • Clear and simple readout screen
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Discriminator control for fewer false positives
  • Reliable performance with a wide variety of metals
  • A durable outer casing made of metal or thick plastic.
  • Long battery life for extended sessions

Obviously, metal detectors for kids should be small and lightweight. You want them to be able to haul this device around the woods and fields for long periods of time. It is equally important to get a metal detector with simple controls.

There are some models of detector that are much harder to operate than others, and these would be no good at all for a child. Sure, this isn’t a simple device, but the controls can generally be narrowed down to two or three knobs.

The display screen should also be as simple as possible. Not only can a confusing readout screen make it harder for the child to understand what they are looking at, but it can also discourage them from engaging in this activity.

Why Budget Metal Detectors Aren’t Always The Best Choice

Let’s talk a little more about budget metal detectors. You may have seen these at a flea market or a department store, and they might seem like a tempting option. After all, the packaging will normally claim that these devices are just as good as the high-end models. Of course, this is a complete lie, and you are an idiot if you fall for this lie. You should know better than to believe everything you are told!

These budget metal detectors might seem like a great choice for a kid because they are so simple. However, this is probably the only requirement that will be met by this product. Simple does not always mean better. In this case, it will usually amount to a lack of features. You don’t want all the bells and whistles for a kid’s first metal detector, but there is one thing you truly need, and that is a discriminator control.

The discriminator control allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the detector. Some cheaper models will claim that their product does not require this adjustment, as if it will adjust itself. Once again, this is all hype. Without discriminator control, the detector will get all kinds of false positives, which will lead to a lot of disappointment.


In general, the best metal detectors for kids are the ones with a simple and robust design. A design like this will amount to less confusion and less chance of breakage. You also want a small and lightweight model that will suit the smaller size of a child. As long as you avoid the bargain-basement options, and follow these two rules, you should end up with a device that will captivate your children and provide hours of entertainment.

As a final note, we should say a few words about metal detecting safety. We would be doing a disservice to you, the reader, if we did not give you this list of safety tips:

  • Children under ten should never be left unattended with a metal detector
  • Children should be told to avoid all strangers when out metal detecting
  • Older children metal detecting in the woods should bring a knife or large dog for protection
  • Children should be educated about local wildlife and how to avoid dangerous creatures
  • Children must be advised never to trespass while metal detecting

Have fun out there, and we wish you and your family all the best.