Best Metal Detectors: A Complete Guide

best metal detector

Do you really have to spend a lot of time searching for the best metal detector? Definitely! Although regular metal detectors are not too expensive, you are still spending your hard-earned money for it, so it makes perfect sense that you only look for the best one.

Looking for a metal detector doesn’t need to be complicated. You need to have a list of the best units available in the market. You should also know the right features to look for to compare each device.

Best Metal Detector Reviews

We summarized the finest metal detectors you can find in the market when searching for gold and the best detectors kids can use.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids

Metal detectors for kids are often designed for leisure purposes. Children love to explore, and they would be very interested in looking for metals on the ground and digging it afterward.

best metal detector

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind when considering a metal detector for your child: 

  • Ease of Use

The best metal detectors for kids should always be easy to use. It should not have any complicated functions that would confuse them when using the device.

The weight should just be enough for the kids to carry. Kids cannot go around with something heavy on their arms or one that they cannot hold properly because they would lose interest and get tired quickly. They are also always running, so the device should be very light.

  • Display

The screen should also have an easy-to-understand display. Although the parents are always there to accompany their children, it is better if they can use the metal detector without anyone’s intervention.

  • Design

The design is also an essential factor. For adults, having a modern design is enough to capture their interest. For kids, though, they need something a bit more colorful. The design should also be good enough to win the interests of the children.

  • Price

As for the price, it would be best not to purchase anything too expensive. These metal detectors are amazing, but your children might not use them often or destroy them in the long run.

With all that in mind, to help you find the perfect device for your child, we decided to search the market for the finest metal detectors for kids. Overall, we found that the RM Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids is the best because all of its features provide more fun and excitement to kids.

To learn more about other quality metal detectors for kids, you can read the our complete guide here.

Best Metal Detectors for Gold

Metal detectors are most commonly used to look for gold. Believe it or not, many people are buying metal detectors to try their luck. If you are lucky enough to find even a speck of gold, it would already fetch for a high price.

best metal detector

However, not all metal detectors are capable of detecting gold underground. Hence, you need to look for the right metal detector to use when your primary purpose is to look for gold. The following factors should be considered when getting a metal detector for gold:

  • Price

Cost is the first thing you need to consider when buying a metal detector. Your goal is to find gold, but there is no assurance that you can find one.

Always remember that metal detectors are not guaranteed to find gold, so don’t expect too much. It means that you don’t have to spend too much unless you are planning to go all-in on your gold hunting.

  • Ground Balance

Ground balancing is a feature you have to consider because it will help ignore the high levels of mineralization in the soil and just focus on the things that you are targeting. If you are looking for gold, there is a big chance they are buried under mineralized grounds, so you need to pay attention to this.

  • Discrimination

Discrimination helps you pinpoint the metal that you are targeting, so you have to look for a metal detector with this kind of feature.

  • Operating Frequency and Coil

For the operating frequency, you need to look for a metal detector that operates at a higher frequency since they are more sensitive to small objects like gold. You need to choose the right search coil as well because it will determine the sensitivity and depth of the metal detector.

With all those features in mind, we have scoured the Internet to search for the best metal detector for gold hunting. After a thorough examination, we’ve found out that Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Combo Kit is the best choice.

Want to check out other good metal detectors for gold on the market? Start with our runners up here.

Metal Detector Buyers Guide

Now that you know what to check when you need metal detectors for kids and gold hunting, let's now focus on how to purchase the best metal detector that fits your specific needs and wants.

Generally, a certain metal detector brand might be a great choice for some people, but other people would think that it is not a good choice. The thing is that the right metal detector will depend on several factors. Thus, we will help you understand what you need to check in a metal detector and understand what these features represent.

1. Intended Use

The first thing to consider when buying a metal detector is your primary goal. Ask yourself the following:

  • What are you planning to do with your metal detector?
  • Do you want to use it for leisure purposes?
  • Do you want to hunt for treasures along with your kids?
  • Are you planning to search for gold and other valuable minerals and stones?
  • What are the specific metals that you want to look for?

Those are only some of the questions you need to answer when looking for a metal detector. Usually, metal detectors made for leisure purposes are affordable; you can even buy two to three metal detectors without breaking the bank. That is why most people would just go for them without realizing that these devices might not work for what they really intend to do.

With that said, if you have more specific needs for your metal detector, you need to know the type of device for every situation. Here are some of the tips you can follow, depending on how you plan to use the metal detector.

  • Searching for Jewels and Coins

We all know that losing your jewelry in tall grasses or even in your backyard with well-trimmed grass would take you weeks or even months to find it. If you only know the general location, good luck finding it manually.

To avoid being stressed out, some people buy metal detectors to help them look for lost coins and jewelry inside or outside the house. Fortunately, most metal detectors are made for such.

If you have been planning to buy a metal detector for this particular goal in mind, you should avoid devices with high frequency. That is because they are often made for gold prospecting and have less depth compared with lower frequency detectors. It would be best to go for metal detectors with frequencies of less than15 kHz.

You should avoid metal detectors with PI technology as well since they are often made for saltwater hunting and gold searching. For jewelry and coins, you can opt for a single frequency VLF metal detector.

  • Salt Water and Beach Hunting

Finding valuable metals is said to be more efficient when you do it near the shore or around salt water. There is no solid proof about this, but if you want to try your luck, you are welcome to do so. You should note though that you might need a device made specifically for saltwater hunting.

best metal detector

If you only plan to search the sand around the beach, then you can just use a regular metal detector. On the other hand, if you want to hunt in wet sand or the water, you have to use a machine with multi-frequency or a metal detector using PI technology. Single frequency metal detectors will work, but you won’t be able to get anything valuable.

  • Relic Hunting

Another common reason people buy metal detectors is to look for relics. Going around the neighborhood or going to old places to search for relics is a fun past time for the whole family, especially if you have kids with you.

You won’t need any special devices for relic hunting since regular metal detectors can already do the job. Nonetheless, if you are planning to go one step higher, there are certain features you have to check, including:

  1. A large coil (DD if it's possible),
  2. higher frequency; about 10 to 20 kHz,
  3. an adjustable threshold,
  4. iron audio,
  5. and manual or automatic ground balance adjustment.
  • Hunting Gold Nuggets

Gold nugget hunting is a serious job, so if you're planning to engage in this activity, your regular metal detectors won’t be able to help you find what you are looking for. Prospecting machines are costly, usually amounting to thousands of dollars.

Machines for gold nugget hunting have PI technology and can only be used in areas proven to have gold. If you just blindly use the metal detector on a random spot, you won’t be able to find anything even if you spend months going around the location.

2. Skill Level

Some may wonder, do you really need skill when using metal detectors? The answer is yes, you need to have skills plus experience in using a metal detector.

  • Zero and Minimal Experience

As we mentioned, if you don’t plan to engage in the activity seriously and you are just doing it for leisure purposes, you can just buy any metal detector. The more advanced features are not really worth it as you won’t need them when you are just looking for random metals in your area.

Similarly, even if you have tried metal detecting before and you finally decided to learn more about it, you should still start with an entry-level detector. You can’t jump to a more advanced machine in hopes of learning all of it.

If you don’t have a solid foundation in using metal detectors, you won’t understand how all of those functions work, even if the device comes with a detailed instruction manual or video tutorial. You might end up using it incorrectly or destroying it, wasting the money you invested in it.

Therefore, it is best to start with a metal detector designed for beginners and try to understand how the device works. Use it for a couple of months until you get the hang of it.

  • Experienced

Once you are very proficient in using the beginner devices or have been using metal detectors and hunting items on the ground for quite some time, you can proceed with the more advanced metal detectors. This way, you already know the basics and won't be overwhelmed with the additional features.

Although they are more expensive than regular detectors, you might be bored with the basic ones and lose interest in the activity. After all, there is much to learn and hunt!

Overall, choosing a metal detector should always be dependent on your skill level. Experts don’t need beginner detectors, and newbies don’t need more advanced devices.

3. Technology

When choosing a metal detector, you do not simply buy anything you want. There are three different technologies used for metal detectors, and you need to know their differences to find the best metal detector that works for you.

  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) Technology

VLF is the most common technology used for metal detectors. If you want to hunt coins, jewels, and relics, this is the best type of metal detector to use. If you are a beginner, you should get a VLF metal detector as well.

  • Pulse Induction (PI) Technology

This type of technology is beneficial for areas with high levels of mineralization. If you are going to use a metal detector with PI technology, it will ignore the other minerals and report the metal objects on the ground.

  • Multiple Frequency (MF) Technology 

This type of technology is the most expensive among the three. They are often integrated on high-end metal detectors, and they are used by people who are serious with their gold or relic hunting.

4. Search Coil

If you’ve read a few articles about search coils or tried checking out reviews about different metal detectors, they always mention the size of the search coil. If you don’t know anything about this, you would think that larger coils are always better. Larger coils offer more depth, but is it always the best choice?

There are several factors to consider when you are choosing the size of the search coil. Ground conditions, as well as soil mineralization, will be the most important factors when selecting search coils.

  • Large Coils

Large coils can provide better depth, and they allow you to see more of the ground. This is a good choice for regular metal detectors.

If you are planning to hunt coins, jewels, or other valuable stones in mineralized ground, your detector will process more signals, and this will lead to missed targets. If this happens, you have to reduce the metal detector's sensitivity, which would reduce its depth as well.

  • Smaller Coils

Smaller coils will only allow you to see less ground, and it will only process fewer ground signals. You can increase the sensitivity of the metal detector, though, for it to have the same depth as the larger coil.

Type of Stock Coil

Search coils are categorized into different configurations, as well. The most popular are double D and concentric.

DD coils will provide you with a better detection depth, and they can also deal with soil mineralization. Concentric coils are more affordable than metal detectors with DD coils, but they can still pinpoint the target effectively.

One important thing to remember about coils is that you cannot use any type of coil for your metal detector. If you want to replace your current coil or you want to use a smaller or a bigger one, you have to get it from the same manufacturer.

5. Weight

Weight is an important factor when looking for a metal detector because you usually carry the device by your hand. If the metal detector is too heavy, it will put a strain on your arms, so you won’t be able to use it for a long time.

The heaviest part of the metal detector is the coil, and the next one would be the console. These two parts are on the opposite ends of the device so that they can balance each other. Since the coil is supposed to be pointed downwards, it is okay that it is the heaviest.

For the overall weight of the metal detector, anything under four pounds is an excellent choice. If the kids are going to use it, it should only be about two to three pounds at most.

6. Additional Features

Aside from the main features mentioned above, there are a few other features you might want to look for in a metal detector.

  • LCD: This is not really a requirement, but it displays all the functions of the metal detector for more convenience and ease of use.
  • Volume control: This will allow you to adjust the volume of the beeping sound when the metal detector finds a metal. This way, you can choose to use or not to use headphones.
  • Adjustable stem: This is vital because you can adjust the height of the metal detector depending on your height. Thus, you will be more comfortable, and you can lend your detector to your loved ones.
  • Protective covers: These items will protect a specific part of the metal detector, making them last longer.

Metal Detector FAQs

Many of you probably have a lot of questions about metal detectors, and you are still worried if it can offer the kind of service that you need. Here are answers to some FAQs you can check to learn more about metal detectors.

1. How Deep Do Most Metal Detectors Go?

Typical metal detectors are capable of detecting metals up to six to 10 inches below the ground. There are instances where it can go up to 12 inches. The depth is usually affected by many factors.

One factor is the size of the object that you are trying to detect. The amount of discrimination set by the metal detector and composition of the metal also affect depth. The last factor would be the sensitivity settings of your metal detector.

2. Can You Find Diamonds with a Metal Detector?

If you plan to use the metal detector to detect diamonds accurately, then it is not possible because diamonds are non-metal gemstones. Nevertheless, you can use metal detectors to look for a trail where you can find diamonds.

You can look for diamond indicator minerals like chromium garnets, magnetite, and glassy green olivine. If you are looking for gold, it may also serve as an indicator that there are diamonds nearby.

3. Where Is the Best Place to Metal Detect?

You can practically do metal detecting anywhere as long as it is not in places where you cannot dig the items. You cannot do this on the road because if you accidentally found items below the cement, you won’t be able to dig it out.

You can start in your yard or someone else’s yard, but with their permission. You can go to the park to start metal detecting or on the beach.

4. Can I Metal Detect on Public Land, National Forests or Parks?

This is tricky because you cannot simply metal detect on any establishment or area. If you plan to do it in the forest or on the mountain or beach, then you won’t have any issues. For private properties, you can just ask for the permission of the owner of the property.

If you plan to metal detect on national forests, parks, and public land, you have to consider Federal, State, County, and City laws. It is better to educate yourself about this so that you won’t make any illegal moves while metal detecting.

5. Is It Illegal to Metal Detect in a Cemetery?

Well, it is not really illegal in a sense, but most of the professional detectorists suggest you should never do it in the cemetery. There are instances where some people who are metal detecting were thought of as grave robbers.

6. Is Metal Detecting Profitable?

 Although you might be lucky to find a gold nugget and sell it for a lot of money, it doesn’t happen often. If you decide to concentrate on metal detecting and leave your job, then you have a lot of financial problems in the future.

Metal detecting is usually a hobby, so it is not really meant to provide you with profits. As a matter of fact, you might spend the rest of your life metal detecting, and you won’t even find anything valuable that you can sell for thousands of dollars.


It doesn’t matter what reason you have when buying a metal detector. You should always find the best one as you are spending your money on it. Even if it is affordable, you need to make sure you find the right one as it can offer you the best experience.

Best Metal Detector for Gold: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

best metal detector for gold

Gold hunting is still prevalent right now, and many people are trying their luck in searching for gold. However, it is not as simple as randomly digging in a certain area, hoping to find gold. If you do that, you might end up wasting years before you see even a speck of gold.

Looking for gold is not something that you can do easily without a metal detector. Also, you cannot use any kind of metal detector; it has to be made for gold hunting. Take note that there are metal detectors not meant to detect all kinds of metal in the ground, so this particular device is unique.

The best metal detector for gold allows you to detect gold on the ground since it is created solely for detecting gold and neutralizing soils. If you are thinking of gold hunting, let’s check out some of the best metal detectors that you can find in the market made specifically for gold.

Comparison Chart

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

National Geograhic Pro Series Metal Detector

RICOMAX Metal Detector for Adults

TackLife Metal Detector

ToolGuards Metal Detector

Best Metal Detector for Gold: Reviews

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Combo Kit

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Combo Kit is a complete set of devices to help you start on gold hunting. It is composed of a metal detector, a carry bag, a pinpointer, headphones, and a trowel and treasure pouch. For this, we will be focusing more on the features of the metal detector.

Product Highlights

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector has been included in the list simply because of its discrimination function. It has a “Full Discriminate” feature that would not detect trash items while you are using it on the ground. This feature would allow you to focus on specific metals like gold, silver, and more when searching.

The settings also include sensitivity and search mode. Higher sensitivity means that the metal detector can detect items deeper into the soil. On the other hand, the search mode includes the full discriminate function, all-metal, and tone.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector also has a 0.25-inch headphone jack where you can plug the headphones in for you to concentrate on hearing the detector's tone. Nonetheless, you can opt not to use one since the detector also has a built-in speaker. The only concern is that the detector doesn’t have a volume control, so you need a pair of headphones with volume settings.

Performance-wise, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector can run up to 30 hours with 9V batteries, but it would depend on the sensitivity that you are using. 

What's to like about the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

The best thing about the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Combo Kit is that all the things you need to get started are included already. It is also a detector that provides the best value for your money since it is affordable and provides amazing performance. This is also the perfect metal detector for beginners

What's not to like about the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector package includes a pair of headphones, but since it doesn’t have a volume control, you will have to look for a higher quality pair with a built-in volume control setting.


  • check
    Great value for money
  • check
    Complete set for gold hunting
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Built-in speaker


  • No volume control

2. National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

National Geographic Society is considered one of the most popular non-profit scientific organizations. The National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector is one of the best products that it can offer to help you learn how to search for treasures anywhere.

Product Highlights

The National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector is created for beginners and children. As such, the features are mostly for educational purposes to help you learn how to use a typical metal detector.

The metal detector has a 10-inch waterproof detection coil. It is very portable, as you can fold it when not in use. It is exactly 22 inches when folded, and it will extend to 51 inches.

Additionally, it only weighs 2.3 pounds, so you can bring it when hiking or when you are playing on the beach. There is also a rugged arm strap that would secure the detector in your arm when you are using it.

The National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector has three detection modes as well as four sensitivity levels. The three detection modes will allow you to pinpoint valuable metals and filter all the garbage metals.

The sensitivity levels, on the other hand, will help you to distinguish different metals as deep as 12 inches. Lastly, there is a pinpoint function to improve the precision of the National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector.

What's to like about the National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

One thing you would love about the National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector is that it has an LCD that is easy to operate. Another is that children can operate it with ease, not just because it is lightweight but also because the functions are straightforward, and it comes with a learning guide.

What's not to like about the National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

You won’t like the fact that you cannot replace the 10-inch detection coil of the metal detector. Also, it is the only part of the device that is waterproof.


  • check
  • check
    Very portable
  • check
    Easy to use


  • Coils can’t be replaced

3. RM Ricomax Metal Detector

RM Ricomax is still very young compared with other manufacturers of metal detectors. They have only been in the market for five years, but they already developed more than 40 models of electronic tools. This particular RM Ricomax Metal Detector is the best metal detector for gold if you are looking for something affordable.

Product Highlights:

The RM Ricomax Metal Detector has a true discrimination mode that can detect different metals on the ground. You can set the target range or you can discriminate certain metals that you don’t want to search. It also has a 10-inch waterproof search coil that would increase the sensitivity of the metal detector.

It has an LCD control box that is very easy to use. You can easily see the volume level, detection mode, sensitivity level, as well as the battery condition. An arrow can also be seen below the icon if a current setting is in use.

Like other metal detectors, the RM Ricomax Metal Detector also has a pinpoint function that would accurately distinguish the target. The distinctive audio prompt, on the other hand, will tell you the type of metal found by the detector. You will memorize the audio tones if you try it on different types of metals.

What's to like about the ProductName

The best thing about the RM Ricomax Metal Detector is its LCD. All the settings you need are displayed, and even children can easily use it.

What's not to like about the ProductName

The only problem with the RM Ricomax Metal Detector is the battery life. If you use it continuously, the battery may not even last for a couple of hours.


  • check
    Intuitive LCD
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Three switchable modes
  • check
    Lifetime warranty


  • Short battery life

4. Tacklife Metal Detector

Tacklife is a professional team on Amazon dedicated to the development of different tools. The Tacklife Metal Detector is one of their best products so far, and is backed by a warranty.

Product Highlights

The Tacklife Metal Detector is the best metal detector for the whole family. Weighing around 1.2 pounds, it features an ergonomic stem that you can adjust irrespective of the height of the person who will use it.

The stem would allow you to use the device underwater. It also features an IP68 waterproof search coil with a 7.8-inch diameter. However, the control box is not waterproof, so you should never submerge it underwater.

The Tacklife Metal Detector also has three audio tones that would indicate the type of metal that your device found. For the low tone, it would be ferrous metals, screws, nails, and other common metals, while for medium tone signals that you've found medium conductivity metals. Lastly, the high tone would be for the high conductivity metals.

The LCD is also fun to use as it is made with children users in mind. It has a large back-lit screen that would display operating mode, sensitivity level, battery level, depth, and discrimination.

What's to like about the Tacklife Metal Detector

The best thing about the Tacklife Metal Detector is that despite the fact that it is affordable, the features and durability remain top-notch. It is also lightweight and easy to use, making it suited for both adults and children.

What's not to like about the Tacklife Metal Detector

The only problem with the Tacklife Metal Detector is the volume. Although you can hear the beeping sound from the metal detector, it is tough to distinguish if it is a low, medium, or high tone. You will have to use a pair of headphones if you want to distinguish each of the tones.


  • check
  • check
    Waterproof coil
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    High sensitivity
  • check


  • Low volume

5. ToolGuards Metal Detector 

ToolGuard is a new company manufacturing different tools, and metal detectors are one of their current offerings. Although they only started in 2016, their products are already known for their amazing features.

Product Highlights

This particular ToolGuards Metal Detector can be used in both land and water. Men, women, and older children can also use this model as it is straightforward to use. Thus, you can start hunting for treasures anywhere you want.

The metal detector has a waterproof coil that would allow you to submerge it underwater. It has three operating modes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your treasure hunting.

You can choose the “ALL” option if you want to locate all types of metal around you. On the other hand, you can go for the “Target” option if you already found something before you even dug it out of the ground. If you want to search for more specific metals, though, you can switch to the “Disc” option. Lastly, you can turn the knob clockwise so that it will not detect unwanted metals.

What's to like about the ToolGuards Metal Detector

One of the things that you would about the ToolGuards Metal Detector is the adjustable height option. If you have kids who want to try the metal detector, you can adjust the height for them. It also has a comfortable armrest to make sure that you will be comfortable while using it the whole day.

What's not to like about the ToolGuards Metal Detector

The only thing you won’t like about this metal detector is the weight. It weighs around six pounds, which is too heavy for smaller children. Most of the children-friendly metal detectors weigh around 1.2 to 2.2 pounds.


  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Comfortable armrest
  • check
    Three modes
  • check
    Water-resistant coil


  • A bit heavy

Buyer's Guide

It’s definitely a good thing that you have a list of metal detectors to choose from, but is that enough to find the best metal detector for gold? If you are serious about gold hunting, you should know a bit of information on how to find the one designed for gold hunting. Thus, here are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for one:

1. Cost

The amount of money you would spend on a metal detector would depend on how serious you are with gold hunting. If you only plan to do this as a form of hobby or you just want to try it out with your children, getting metal detectors for beginners would be the right decision.

Beginner-friendly metal detectors are not too expensive, and you can buy a few of them, maybe one for each member of the family, without spending too much. But of course, they are only meant for exploration and not really for gold hunting.

Thus, if you are serious about the activity, there are metal detectors that would cost thousands of dollars but are specific for gold hunting.

2. Ground Balance

One of the essential features of a metal detector beginners should check is the ground balance. If you are only buying a metal detector for leisure or you just want to try the activity, ground balancing may not really be beneficial to you. On the contrary, if you are serious about gold hunting, you have to learn more about this feature.

Ground balancing is important because it will help reduce or remove ground falsing, which usually happens in highly mineralized grounds. Soil contains non-conductive iron minerals, and the level of mineralization can affect the detection of your metal detector. It means that highly mineralized soil can mask the targets and make them invisible.

A regular metal detector won’t be able to find or detect a targeted metal if the soil has a high concentration of minerals and ground balancing can reduce or eradicate this problem. Most of the modern metal detectors allow you to do the manual and automatic balancing.

3. Discrimination

Discrimination is something that you always see on metal detectors. This is a vital feature that you should always check when buying because this is practically the most important function of your metal detector.

The discrimination feature allows the detector to differentiate one target from another. It can send you signals if the item you are currently targeting is a treasure or a trash item.

You have to remember that the ground has so many different metals like bottle caps, rusty nails, and screws. This feature will help you choose the target wisely, preventing you from repetitive digging and ending up with something you don't really need or want. With discrimination, the metal detector will discriminate all the useless items and focus on more valuable metals.

4. Operating Frequency

The operating frequency of a metal detector indicates the number of times a signal is received and transmitted by the detector. For lower frequencies, they scan deeper, so if you want to search items deep in the ground, you need to look for a metal detector with low frequency.

As for the high-frequency detectors, they are more sensitive when it comes to gold, so if your goal is to hunt for gold, this is the best choice. If you are looking for smaller relics, you also need a metal detector that is operating at a higher frequency. The only problem is that they don’t penetrate deep enough in the ground.

5. Search Coil Type

The size of the coil can determine the depth and sensitivity of the metal detector. Larger coils can search deeper, but it has less sensitivity on smaller targets. A smaller one will be more sensitive but has reduced detection depth.

Search coils are divided further into three types based on how they are wound within the coil. Here are some of the types of search coils:

  • Concentric Coil: It has an inner circle as well as an outer circle winding. The search pattern is actually cone-shaped, and it is often used to pinpoint the target accurately. They are also noisier on highly mineralized grounds.
  • Double-D Coil: This type of coil has two overlapping windings in the shape of two letter "D’s" wherein the other one is reversed. The main point of this coil is stability, especially in highly mineralized grounds, as well as good depth and sensitivity. It also provides a thorough search pattern.
  • Monoloop Coil: This is a special type of coil, and it has one winding of wire in the circumference, which will be used to receive and transmit information.


Knowing what to look for in a metal detector is just the beginning. You should learn a few things about how it works. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about gold metal detectors.

1. Can Gold Be Detected by a Metal Detector?

Yes, metal detectors can detect gold in the ground, but not all metal detectors are capable of finding or detecting gold. Detectors with low frequency cannot find gold since the size is usually small, and the conductivity is very low. If you want to search for gold, you have to use metal detectors that are operating at a higher frequency since they can identify smaller materials accurately.

2. How Deep Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

A typical metal detector would be able to detect gold up to 1.5 meters below the ground. Anything beyond that is impossible for a conventional metal detector. You would need devices that cost thousands of dollars to search for gold beyond 1.5 meters.

Nonetheless, you will be able to find gold within the 1.5-meter range. A fair size nugget can already be found on that range, but it will still depend on several factors.

3. Where Is Gold Most Likely to Be Found?

You can usually find gold in small waterways. That is why metal detector coils are typically waterproof. These waterways run through rock formations, and the water would carry gold pieces down the stream, and then, gold would settle on the sea bed and would be covered by sand and dirt.

4. How Do You Stop a Metal Detector from Detecting Gold?

Metal detectors will practically detect any type of metal in the ground. If you don’t want your metal detector to detect gold, you can change its settings. You can go for a lower frequency. You can do this if you are planning to search for other precious metals aside from gold.

5. Can Gold Be Found in Any River?

No. The notion is that a river should pass through a mining area before it can be considered as a gold location. There are instances, though, where regular rivers have gold in them even if they don’t pass through a mining area.

Final Verdict

Metal detectors can be used as a hobby, and you can just do it for the sake of exploration, especially if you want your kids to experience it. With that in mind, gold hunting is something serious, and standard metal detectors won’t be able to find it.

All the metal detectors mentioned above can detect gold, but not made for serious gold hunting. They are definitely the best for beginners and for the people who just want to try gold hunting for fun.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids: Complete Reviews with Comparison

best metal detectors for kids

When considering metal detectors for kids there are several things to bear in mind to make their experience not only an enjoyable and regarding one, but safe too.

It is very important to encourage children to learn. Instead of letting them play with their phones all day long, wouldn't you rather them learn some interesting things? Better yet, wouldn't you like for them to go out and find something valuable? There is a good way to do both: by giving your kids a metal detector.

You should understand that we are not talking about one of those toy metal detectors. Most of these cheap metal detectors for kids are completely useless and are not intended to actually locate anything. They function as entertainment devices that might be able to locate some coins in a leaf pile (if you're lucky). Don't waste your time with anything like that.

Of course, you should understand that you are trusting a child with a fairly expensive piece of equipment. If your child is not mature enough to be trusted to this degree, this idea might not be a good one for you.

If you are interested in this idea, it can probably be assumed that you have already instilled a certain level of discipline in your children. Without a little bit of foundational instruction, giving your child a metal detector may not end well. Still, this can be a great activity for children that can handle the responsibility.

Why Metal Detecting Is a Good Hobby for Kids

There are quite a few reasons why metal detecting can be a good hobby for kids. First of all, it gets the kids out of the house. The possibility of finding "buried treasure" is exactly the kind of thing that will motivate a child to get out in the woods and get some exercise.

Metal detecting usually involves a lot of walking if you expect to find anything. There is no doubt that walking is one of the healthiest activities known. It may not be a particularly strenuous form of exercise, but walking can do an awful lot to improve the health of a sedentary child. For an obese child, walking is sure to be difficult. Nevertheless, it is probably the easiest way to get them in shape.

Another good reason to give your child a metal detector is that it will encourage a natural fascination with technology and science. Kids are generally not interested in the drier and more exact aspects of science. The last thing that most of them want to do is stick their nose in a book. However, the practical side of science can be a lot of fun.

On top of all that, there is at least a small chance that your kids will find something good with their metal detector. It might be something rare and valuable that can be sold for a high price, or it may just be something interesting that starts a lot of conversations. Even if you find nothing of value whatsoever, the whole thing still makes for a great family outing. Either way, it's great entertainment for all ages.

best metal detectors for kids

What Kinds of Metal Detectors Are Suitable for Kids?

If you want to get metal detectors for kids, you must first determine which kind of metal detector to buy. Finding the best metal detectors for kids can be difficult because most of your easiest options are bad options. As we already mentioned, don't go with a metal detector that looks like a toy, or which is marketed as a toy. These are generally just diversions that won't actually work with any real effectiveness.

You also want to avoid the cheapest versions, as cheap metal detectors for kids tend to be inferior in many ways. We will talk more about that later. What you want is to find a simple and reliable model that is reasonably priced, and which seems to be as durable as possible.

Why Budget Metal Detectors Aren't Always the Best Choice

Let's talk a little more about budget metal detectors. You may have seen these at a flea market or a department store, and they might seem like a tempting option. After all, the packaging will normally claim that these devices are just as good as the high-end models. Of course, this is a complete lie, and you are an idiot if you fall for this lie. You should know better than to believe everything you are told!

These budget metal detectors might seem like a great choice for a kid because they are so simple. However, this is probably the only requirement that will be met by this product. Simple does not always mean better. In this case, it will usually amount to a lack of features. You don't want all the bells and whistles for a kid's first metal detector, but there is one thing you truly need, and that is a discriminator control.

The discriminator control allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the detector. Some cheaper models will claim that their product does not require this adjustment, as if it will adjust itself. Once again, this is all hype. Without discriminator control, the detector will get all kinds of false positives, which will lead to a lot of disappointment.

Comparison Chart

RM RICOMAX Junior Metal Detector

INTEY Metal Detector for Kids

Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector for Kids

Viewee Classic Style Junior Metal Detector 

RM RICOMAX GC-1065 Metal Detector

Best Metal Detector for Kids: Reviews

1. Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids

RM Ricomax is fairly new in this industry, but it is known as one of the best manufacturers of metal detectors. Its creation, the RM Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids, is ideal for kids and beginners, but it can also be used by adults.

Product Highlights

The LCD display on this metal detector is very easy to understand. There is an LED light being emitted on the LCD screen that would allow you to use it comfortably in dark places. This product doesn’t need any assembling; you can just fold and unfold it anytime you want.

It also features a 20% larger coil, which would allow you to detect metals deeper into the ground. In addition, this detector has a 7.4-inch waterproof search coil so that you can use it on shallow bodies of water for treasure hunting. However, take note that the LCD display is not waterproof, so do not submerge it in water.

What's to like about the Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids

Convenience is one of the best features of the RM Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids. You don’t need to assemble complicated parts, and you can use it straight out of the box.

What's not to like about the Ricomax Metal Detector for Kids

The only concern we had with this metal detector is its weight. This weighs around four pounds, which might be quite heavy for kids to carry around for hours.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Waterproof coil
  • check
    Made for all ages


  • A little bit heavy

2. Intey Metal Detector

The Intey Metal Detector is a device meant for all ages. This means that even though it is marketed as a kid’s metal detector, adults can also use it for leisure purposes.

Product Highlights

The Intey Metal Detector can be adjusted from 33.5 inches to 45 inches so that children and adults will be able to use it with ease. Although this metal detector is made for kids, it is very accurate and can detect different kinds of metals like jewelry, coins, relics, silver, gold, and more. 

This metal detector has an eight-inch coil that can be adjusted by 180 degrees. The stem and the coil are both IP67 waterproof, so they are safe to use in shallow waters.

It comes in two modes. First, the “Disc” mode, which can eliminate all unwanted metals like coins, iron, zinc, and more. Second is the “All Metal” mode, which you turn on if you want to detect all the metals in the area.

What's to like about the Intey Metal Detector

The best thing about this metal detector is its control interface. Although it is not LCD, it has all the important functions you need. You can adjust the volume, sensitivity, and discrimination in the control interface, and it would tell you the battery life of the metal detector as well.

What's not to like about the Intey Metal Detector

The only thing that you won’t like about this is the fact that the 9V battery is not included in the package. You will have to buy your own batteries for this.


  • check
  • check
    Meant for kids and adults alike
  • check
    Volume control
  • check
    Two modes
  • check


  • 9V battery not included

3. Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector

The RM Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector is also one of the top products of RM Ricomax. It provides amazing features that you and your kids would love.

Product Highlights

The 7.4-inch search coil and the adjustable stem on this metal detector are both waterproof, so you can use them in shallow waters. The adjustable stem can be extended up to 35 inches, so it can be used by both adults and children.

It also has a clear detection feature wherein an arrow will appear on your screen if a metal object is found. The sound will get louder, and the signal will be stronger as you approach the target.

The design of the RM Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector is made with children in mind. How so? It also includes two sand shovels as well as a carry bag.

What's to like about the Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector

This metal detector is extremely easy to use that even small children can operate it without any problems. It is also very lightweight, weighing only around two pounds, which means that even small children can carry it around all day.

What's not to like about the Ricomax GC-1003B Metal Detector

There are instances wherein the metal detector will not function properly or won’t detect nearby metals. Although, this happens to most metal detectors, and it will depend on the mineralization of the soil.


  • check
  • check
    Easy to Use
  • check
  • check


  • Not meant for serious treasure hunting

4. Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

If you want to bring more fun and excitement to your children’s day, giving them the Viewee Metal Detector for Kids is the best way to do it. With this, they can spend the day outdoors while also feeling a sense of adventure and accomplishment.

Product Highlights

The Viewee Metal Detector for Kids is a basic device meant for children. It is equipped with LED light alert and buzzer, which activate when a metal is found. The search coil is also waterproof, so it can be submerged in shallow waters.

The height of the device can be adjusted from 27.5 inches to 35.4 inches. The adjustable stem is also waterproof, so it is safe to use underwater. However, the display panel must never be submerged underwater.

What's to like about the Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

The product comes with all the necessary things that your children will need for their exploration. Aside from the metal detector, it also includes a plastic beach shovel, a carry bag, a backpack chain, and a user guide.

What's not to like about the Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

Although it is made for kids, the eight-inch depth is not really too amazing. There are a lot of other metal detectors that can detect metals deeper into the ground.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Complete accessories


  • Detection is too shallow

5. Ricomax GC-1065 Metal Detector

Another RM Ricomax product was included on the list as most of their products are catered to families. What does this metal detector offer that the others don’t?

Product Highlights

This metal detector only weighs around two pounds, so your children can easily carry it around with them. It also features a large eight-inch coil that will provide a larger search area.

This search coil can detect objects up to 6.5 inches deep. It is also waterproof, so it can be used in shallow waters. This device also has an audio prompt to tell you if you found a metal underground.

This metal detector has two modes. The “Disc” mode will eliminate the target objects that you don’t need, and the “All-Metal” mode would allow you to detect all the metals around you.

What's to like about the ProductName

The control interface of the RM Ricomax GC-1065 Metal Detector is suitable for kids. Although it doesn’t have an LCD screen, all the knobs are very easy to understand, and the kids can make the adjustments themselves without any hassle.

What's not to like about the ProductName

It’s great for children and adults, but it is not advisable for mineralized grounds. Your children would have a hard time operating it, so you will still need to learn how to use its functions properly.


  • check
  • check
    Perfect for kids
  • check
    Very accurate
  • check


  • Not accurate on mineralized grounds

Buyer's Guide

If you are looking for the best metal detectors for kids, it is not enough that you have a list of products to choose from. You should know what to look for in a metal detector to make sure that your children will have a great experience. Here is a simple guide to help you.

1. Weight

This is a very important factor when looking for a metal detector for kids because they don’t have the capability to carry heavy devices. This means that your metal detectors should not exceed three pounds. If it goes beyond that, they might have a hard time using the metal detector.

However, the weight will also depend on the age of your children. Metal detectors weighing four pounds or more can still be a good choice if they are around 10 years old and above.

2. Design

Children love cute designs. They don’t care about the features at all as they only care about the appearance of the metal detector. If you want your children to be interested in exploration and treasure hunting, the design of the metal detector must also fit the style of your kids.

There are metal detectors with kiddie designs, and there are also colorful ones available. Look for something that would capture your child’s interest.

3. Ease of Use

The best metal detectors for kids should always be easy to use. Children learn very quickly, but if the metal detector is too complicated, they won’t even play with it. The device should be easy to understand and, if possible, it should be fun to use.

There are some metal detectors that are made and designed specifically for children as the interface, or the control buttons are easy to understand. If you are going to buy a metal detector, check if the controls can be understood by your children and that they can operate it without any help from adults.

4. Price

You don’t need an expensive metal detector. You can find metal detectors for kids that are very affordable. Besides, they won’t be used for serious gold or treasure hunting. Instead, they are meant for leisure and fun activities.

5. Battery Life

Children don’t care much about battery life, or they do not completely understand how it works. They will just use the metal detectors and charge them once it stops working. However, your children won’t enjoy the device if the battery runs out pretty fast.

Look for a metal detector that won’t eat up too much power from the battery so that your child can enjoy exploring and playing with it longer.

6. Controls

You have to check the controls of the metal detectors and make sure that your kids won’t have a hard time operating the device. We all know that kids nowadays know how to use mobile phones and advanced gadgets, but you have to check if the control is user-friendly.

It is fine to look for metal detectors with knobs as it is easier to operate. If the metal detector has an LCD display, then you have to check if your kids can understand how to use it.

7. Screen

The screen is also important to check, and you have to guarantee that all of the controls in the metal detector can be seen on the screen. Kids will only care about visuals, so if a certain function is not present on the screen, they won’t know about it.


If you don’t know anything about metal detectors for kids, it is best to check out our short FAQs list. Here are the things that you have to know.

1. Are metal detectors safe for kids?

Yes, metal detectors are safe for kids as long as they are not too heavy. You just need to look for the best model, and don’t buy the ones that are meant for adults.

2. Is metal detecting profitable?

In a way, you might earn a fortune if you are lucky enough to find gold and other valuable items, but the chances of doing so are very low. If you want to make a fortune from metal detecting, then go for it. However, it won’t give you a stable income.

3. How deep do most metal detectors go?

If we are talking about the metal detectors for kids, they are very shallow. They can only reach about eight to 12 inches into the ground.

4. Where is it legal to metal detect?

If the kids are doing it, there is no problem doing metal detecting in parks. However, some parks prohibit metal detecting as it is usually accompanied by digging, especially when the metal detector found something. It is illegal to do it on private properties as well as federal and state lands.

5. What do metal detectors detect?

Metal detectors can detect almost all types of metal. If you are looking for coins, jewelry, or even more valuable stones, like gold, silver, and more, metal detectors can also locate them.

Final Verdict

In general, the best metal detectors for kids are the ones with a simple and robust design. A design like this will amount to less confusion and less chance of breakage. You also want a small and lightweight model that will suit the smaller size of a child. As long as you avoid the bargain-basement options, and follow these two rules, you should end up with a device that will captivate your children and provide hours of entertainment.

As a final note, we should say a few words about metal detecting safety. We would be doing a disservice to you, the reader, if we did not give you this list of safety tips:

  • Children under ten should never be left unattended with a metal detector
  • Children should be told to avoid all strangers when out metal detecting
  • Older children metal detecting in the woods should bring a knife or large dog for protection
  • Children should be educated about local wildlife and how to avoid dangerous creatures
  • Children must be advised never to trespass while metal detecting

Have fun out there, and we wish you and your family all the best.